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In the woods of College Park, there lives a young bear cub named Truper. He is a small bear, filled with courage, wit, and laughs. Truper is unique because he was born with only one foot paw. Follow this cub on his many adventures throughout the world of College Park! His first adventure: finding the perfect paw! All the animals of College Park have come together again and again to help build that paw just for Truper, but it seems that building a cub paw is easier said than done! Finally, when a new Prosthetist moves into town, all hope is restored! Venture along with Truper Teddy and friends as they help Truper in taking his first step into a new world of laughs and adventures... Read more

I love my little foot because it helps me play like all the other kids.


5 Years old, Playground Expert

Truper Teddy
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